Glove Care
Let's start with what you should NOT do when breaking your glove in: 

  • Do Not soak your glove in water
  • Do Not bake your glove in the oven
  • Do Not microwave your glove
  • Do Not put excessive oil on your glove
  • Do Not put any petroleum substances on your glove
    Don't put oil on your glove until approximately 2 months after you purchase it. But if you feel you have to put oil on your glove to break it in, this is how you should do it:
    Put a small amount of glove oil on the palm area and rub it in. Too much oil will make the glove heavy. Also rub small amounts of oil into the strings throughout the glove. The most important thing to remember is to not use a lot of oil.
    The next step is to work in the hinges. The hinges are what allow the glove to close. To work the hinges, do this:
    Put your hand in the glove and begin to close it. You will see the hinges fold near the fold areas. Once you have found your hinge break-points, remove your glove and begin gently folding it back and forth in these areas. Do this 50 to 75 times or until the hinges feel comfortable to you.
    The best and most natural way to form your pocket is to play catch. By doing this, the pocket will become customized to your catching style. Another way you can form your pocket is by pounding the pocket area with your fist. When you do not have time to work with your glove, put a softball in it and wrap it closed.
    You should always keep something in your glove when you are not using it. Not only will this help to insure a nice pocket, but it will keep your glove from getting lonely as well!
    Here are some things you can do to maintain the look, performance and life of your glove:
    1. clean your glove as often as possible (use a damp cloth)
    2. keep the strings on your glove tight
    3. refrain from throwing your glove
    4. recondition it with gel shaving cream (with lanolin in it) twice a month
    5. as mentioned before, keep something in the pocket
    6. if you feel your glove starting to dry out, lightly rub some Olive Oil in it
    7. if possible, be selfish with your glove. other users will hamper the custom fit
    8. talk to your glove often. praise it for good work